I have kittens available to loving homes . . .


Spice is my beautiful Oriental black tortie girl and is one of the sweetest girl's to live with.

​Spice is a wonderful mother and if she has no kittens of her own she is more than happy to help look after any other girl with their kittens.

​If I as asked to describe Spice in three words I would have to say, naughty, mischievous and loving.

Mazphas Magdalane

Mazpahs Maybalene

Posh is a chocolate tortie point Siamese.

Posh is a joy to share my home with she is typical of the Siamese breed, a real chatter box!

​She is a very clever girl who understands everything I say, she is litter sister to my Oriental tortie girl, Spice.

​The girls are inseparable they do everything together they even share there maternal duties.