I have kittens available to loving homes . . .


Babadag Thecinnerman

Raj is at closed stud.​

Raj is the most gorgeous boy. Such fantastic type and colour.


Hello said the tomcat with a smile,
Trust your new friend for a while,

Don' try to escape through this fence! Im the guy with experience.

Come back later she said with a grin
When May's finished that bottle of Gin.

I'll get through the cat flap when she's in bed,
I'll meet you at 11 behind the shed!

Time to go in it's time for Tea
Can you hear her she's shoutin me.

Later that night we met as planned
Walked to the park hand in hand.

When I got home I felt the guilt and ran upstairs
and got under May's quilt.

I was thinking over and over what have I done??
I was very naughty but it was Fun!.

Nine weeks later The Kittens are here,
I didn't expect them to appear!.

Now off the teats mature at last,
Home's are needed quick and fast.

MAY's not happy! Call the CSA Im gonna make